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Nordic/Japanese with a twist of medieval describes my style the best, simplistic with clean lines.

I like to think I'm making something that is pleasing to look at, as well as comfortable to use with great attention to detail, fit and finish. The design aspect is very important to me so I make a detailed sketch of almost every knife and then try to follow that as closely as possible when creating the piece. I believe in doing as much as possible by hand and in letting a task take as long as it needs until I'm satisfied with the outcome.

I have a background in fine cabinet making, so perhaps my attention to detail stems from there. What I like about knife making is that you can incorporate so many different materials into one piece. Steel for the blade, different metals for the fittings and an array of choices for the handle material; wood, ivory, coral, amber etc. and last but not least - leather, wood or why not ivory for the sheath. In furniture making you ususally only work with wood-different kinds, but still just wood! I make mostly daggers, fighters and short knives but also a few swords and folders-all of my own design. I don't like to make the same knife twice-so I can make a variation of the same theme if requested, still making each knife unique and one of a kind. I'm drawn to larger knives with blades 30cm / 12" or longer and I have a new found pleasure in making big and hefty bowies!

I also like working with other makers, combining our art. Previously, I have collaborated with Kaj Embretsen, Roger Bergh, Conny Persson and Johan Gustafsson and I have an ongoing effort with Don Hanson III. Don and I collaborate on about one piece a year. Don designs and forges the blade, without any input from me - I'm left totally in the dark. When I recieve the finished blade the challenge is mine to create a handle and fittings that goes with the blade, stylistically.  Working this way pushes my creativity to new heights and new solutions, ideas and techniques are often "born" then.

A new book on our wonderful art of knives has been published! It's called "500 Knives" and I've been fortunate enough to have 6 pieces included in this collection of great work.  The ISBN no is: 978-1-57990-873-7

Check your local bookseller for availability!

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