Knife Deals

I'm a hunter, mother, and the outdoorsy type so naturally I hate spending more money than I have to on blades. When I'm buying new knives I want to make sure they're going to last forever, that's why I started Knife Deals.

The Best Knife Deals... Period.

It’s easy to find paid reviews for commonly found knife brands, but that doesn’t mean that those are necessarily the best options. In my reviews, I tend to focus on the knives that don’t receive the acclaim they deserve. That way you hopefully discover some brand new knives for your collection that don’t break the bank. I’m sick of junk being marketed as greatness, and that’s exactly what I intend to correct here on knife deals.

So then, I started my own knife blog

Whenever I find the spare time between hunting and working, I’ll find what people are looking for and review it here first. There’s more junk than ever these days online, so you have to make sure you’re absolutely buying only the best knives on the market. I mean, how else would you want to spend your money. I put together these buyers’ guides all around my favorite knife questions with one objective in mind, and that is to find you the guaranteed best possible knife deals on the planet.